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One of These Things is Not Like the Other

by | Feb 3, 2021 | News

Photo title: “A Humble Man” by Michael Petit

HAVANA, CUBA Jan 15.2021

In response to the latest designation by the Trump administration of Cuba as a “state sponsor of terrorism,” Cultural Cuba proprietor David Lee weighs in.

“This is another example of politics at its worst. Adding Cuba to a list that previously only included three countries; Syria, Iran, and North Korea makes a mockery of the entire designation. Anyone with any knowledge of Cuba will recognize that it doesn’t belong on the list with those other countries.”

These sentiments were echoed in a recent travel industry virtual forum organized by John McAuliff, Executive Director of the Fund for Reconciliation and Development. Participants agreed that the designation means very little and has no effect on U.S. travel regulations for travel to Cuba. “What it does,” states Lee, “is sow further confusion for Americans and the world. It is as a lame-duck President’s attempt to burden the incoming Biden administration.”

Many in the forum asked the question of how easily the new administration can undo this designation. And, when will Biden reinstate the critical strides the Obama administration made regarding US-Cuba relations.

Lee agrees that the U.S. hosting the Summit of the Americas in 2021 is a decision-forcing event. The Summit takes place once every three years and is the only meeting of all leaders from North, South, and Central America and the Caribbean. The Biden administration will have to decide whether to invite Cuba to participate, which will require a broader stance and policy.

Until then, Lee states, “The most essential and best value we can add to this topic is to continue doing what we all do best: educate and encourage Americans to visit Cuba. We must continue to clarify and alleviate misinformation regarding travel to Cuba for U.S. Citizens. It is legal and very much possible. Daily U.S. flights continue, and all of the wonderful experiences that make Cuba a must-see destination remain accessible to Americans.”

He adds, “Americans can interact with the Cuban people and see their incredible art, witness their history firsthand, immerse in the music and dance, and enjoy the outstanding and varied cuisine. They can delve into the complex history and ingenuity of dynamic people who reside just 90miles from our coast; wonderful, caring, passionate, well educated, vibrant individuals who love our culture and thirst for cultural and educational exchange. Cubans who have hopes and dreams for a better future for themselves and their children and know that closer ties to the USA are critical to achieving this successfully.”


How can you ensure a successful and safe trip to Cuba?  Be sure to work with a company with specific experience planning Cuba travel logistics and guide you regarding what to do (and what not to do) once you are on the Island. Cultural Cuba’s owner founder David Lee was named a  Conde Nast Top Travel Specialist and one of the “Top 100 Travel Gurus” by Town & Country.

Please contact us with any questions you have about private, custom, and legal travel to Cuba. Visit our Custom Cuba page for activities and experiences you can incorporate into your private curated trip or read traveler reviews and descriptive media highlights. Cultural Cuba seamlessly manages all the logistics so that our travelers can completely and safely enjoy a dynamic and enriching trip to Cuba.

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