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The shared love of baseball in Cuba

by | Oct 23, 2020 | Highlights

Photo: Jared Padalecki and Family generously donated baseball equipment to Cuban children.

Baseball in Cuba with the Boston Red Sox fans


One of Cultural Cuba’s expert bilingual guides, Mabel, shares her favorite memory of baseball in Cuba.

“I know many Americans are big fans of baseball and look forward to visiting Havana’s stadium to watch the Cuban teams play as part of custom private travel to Cuba. Sometimes, this desire is not easy to fulfill based on the time of year, the season schedule, and the Havana team’s standing in the national series. Last November, we were able to fulfill this desire, and that day and is now one of the many favorite experiences I have had as a guide.

The family, a husband, wife, and daughter, were very keen baseball fans, and the father brought Boston Red Sox hats to give as gifts while in Cuba. Sports team gear is always much welcomed and appreciated since Cubans are huge fans of American baseball teams but have little access to their favorite team fan gear.

Before heading to the Latin-Americano Stadium for the Cuban Baseball Classic, we visited the famous Colon Cemetery, one of the world’s largest, with the impressive tomb of La Milagrosa (travelers from around the world attest to its health-influencing properties). The cemetery-specific guide and historian, Luis, greeted us wearing a New York Yankees T-shirt. The Yankees happened to be the daughter’s favorite team. The father gave Luis one of the Red Sox caps, and you should have seen the smile on his face! I will not forget the connection and happiness that both the giver and the receiver experienced. The love and appreciation of the sport crushed any rivalry feelings between the teams. It was a lovely moment.

My travelers were determined to see baseball in Cuba in action. I warned my travelers that the stadium could get raucous! Fans of baseball in Cuba can get pretty carried away. We entered the stadium, and the Santiago de Cuba team was beating Havana’s team. When five hits in one inning brought Havana’s team into the lead during the 2nd half, the great excitement in the stands included singing, drum playing, and conga dancing! The volume may have slightly surpassed the celebrations my travelers had imagined! I could see the genuine joy on their faces, and we all felt swept up in the emotions of the moment! I think they will be fans of baseball in Cuba for a very long time.

Connecting cultures through a shared love of sports is simply magical. I was thrilled to be able to be a part of these special moments for my Cultural Cuba travelers.” – Mabel, Cultural Cuba Expert Guide.

Traditionally, the best time to see baseball in Cuba is September through the end of November. Check with us on the latest Cuban baseball scheduling, travel updates, and covid-19 protocols.


How can you ensure a successful and safe trip to Cuba?  Be sure to work with a company with specific experience planning Cuba travel logistics and guide you regarding what to do (and what not to do) once you are on the Island. Cultural Cuba’s owner founder David Lee was named a  Conde Nast Top Travel Specialist and  of the “Top 100 Travel Gurus” by Town & Country.

Please contact us with any questions you have about private, custom, and legal travel to Cuba. Visit our Custom Cuba page for activities and experiences you can incorporate into your private curated trip or read traveler reviews and descriptive media highlights. Cultural Cuba seamlessly manages all the logistics so that our travelers can completely and safely enjoy a dynamic and enriching trip to Cuba.

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Founded in 2011, Cultural Cuba is a leading travel company specializing in custom legal travel to Cuba. With offices in Orlando, Chicago, and Havana, the company curates niche itineraries using dedicated private expert Cultural Cuban guides, to provide immersive and off-the-beaten-path experiences. These tours directly support hundreds of Cubans including artists, musicians, dancers, school children, and small business owners, most of whom completely rely on the funds generated by these experiential tours. As a licensed tour operator, the company seamlessly manages all travel logistics and documentation through a highly trained, in-house, on-the-ground Havana and U.S.-based staff.

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