See Cuba Through The Eyes of a Travel Expert

Peek into a travel industry expert’s “trip diary” for an insider’s view of planning custom private travel to Cuba.

Sekita Ekrek’s “Exploring the Magic of Havana.”  blog highlights the enriching benefits of Support for the Cuban People travel to Cuba for both visitors and the people of Cuba. Her coordinated media trip was part of Cultural Cuba’s ongoing effort to clear up confusion regarding the requirements for U.S. citizens visiting Cuba. Travel to the island is indeed possible and can be downright magical.

Her post begins with:

“The last big trip I took before the world shut down was a weekend in Havana. Looking back over a year later has shifted my perspective.

Cuba has a fabled allure because time seems to have stood still on this small island nation. As the entire world has paused for a year now, how different are we really? What have we learned to appreciate? Maybe that human connection matters most. Travel allows us to understand ourselves as much as the world around us.”  Read the rest of her post here.