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Cuba Is Open to All Travelers

For our latest blog post we decided to share Gay Nagle Myers' interview that appeared Nov 23, 2021 in Travel Weekly. "Cuba is open!" said David Lee, founder and owner of Cultural Cuba, a company that provides travel to Cuba for Americans. "We've been waiting for this...

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See Cuba Through The Eyes of a Travel Expert

Peek into a travel industry expert's "trip diary" for an insider's view of planning custom private travel to Cuba. Sekita Ekrek's "Exploring the Magic of Havana."  blog highlights the enriching benefits of Support for the Cuban People travel to Cuba for both...

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One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Photo title: "A Humble Man" by Michael Petit HAVANA, CUBA Jan 15.2021 In response to the latest designation by the Trump administration of Cuba as a "state sponsor of terrorism," Cultural Cuba proprietor David Lee weighs in. "This is another example of politics at its...

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Smoke & Mirrors – Trump and Travel to Cuba

As part of the Trump administration's continued efforts to reverse the strategy of restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba, the U.S. Treasury Department announced additional prohibitions on hotel accommodations for U.S. travel to Cuba and restrictions on the...

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We pivot. Drink. Dance. And pivot more.

Travel to Cuba in the time of Covid-19 has us pivoting. We are pivoting! It is what we do. And we do not mean in ballet shoes on the streets of Havana. And we do not mean our legs and hips while dancing the salsa (though we have been practicing inside helped by a...

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