LGBTQI Travel To Cuba

Cuba has become the first Latin American country to celebrate PRIDE month and is considered relatively progressive compared to the rest of the Caribbean regarding LGBTQI acceptance.

Cuba & the LGBTQI Community

Cuba has certainly changed its approach towards the gay community since the mid-nineties with the release of the film Fresa & Chocolate. The Oscar-nominated movie is the story of two men who are opposites: one gay, the other straight; one a fierce communist, the other a fierce individualist; one suspicious, the other accepting; and how they come to love each other.

The film was shot at La Guarida, today Havana’s most famous private paladar. Restaurant goers climb the stairs of the former tenement house to the top floor’s intimate rooms to enjoy inventive dishes that deconstruct and combine traditional Cuban and international cuisine.

LGBTQ Events in Cuba

MAY – The Conga Against Homophobia and Transphobia is held every May in Havana, as part of the awareness campaign organized by CENESEX.

A Gala event welcomes LGBTQI activists and features performances by numerous artists.

SEPTEMBER 4 – CENESEX marks World Sexual Health Day with a series of activities that draw attention to issues related to sexual health.

NOVEMBER 25 – International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

“We use the occasion to draw attention to all the forms of violence against lesbians, transgender women, gay men, trans men, and heterosexual men,” states Vázquez Seijido, assistant director of CENESEX.

​LGBTQI Movement in Cuba

The creation of CENESEX, the Havana-based LGBTQI advocacy and educational organization, was an important step toward recognizing the fast-growing LGBTQI movement in Cuba.

“We are working together with the state, with the party, with civil society, to educate the Cuban people, to change mindsets, and to advance our rights,” said Mariela Castro, CENESEX Director and a Cuban lawmaker and daughter of the former Communist Party chief Raul Castro.

Cuba has become the first Latin American country to celebrate PRIDE month and has ended most of its anti-gay policies and forbids workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation.

JULY 2022 “HETERO-FRIENDLY” HOTEL managed by Axel Hotels CATERING TO LGBTQI travelers opens in the former Telegrafo Hotel space

September 2022 – The Cuban Family Code Referendum was passed, legalizing same-sex marriagesame-sex adoption, and altruistic surrogacy, among other rights, greatly strengthening gender equality.

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