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Our expert, bilingual guides are the heart of Cultural Cuba. We're ready to welcome you!

Cultural Cuba began as a passion project after a 2011 humanitarian visit to Cuba. Enthralled by the vibrant culture, history, architecture, and abundant talent of the Cuban people, founder David Lee wanted to share the richness of this experience with friends and family, but not as part of a rigid tour group with cookie-cutter itineraries. At the time, there were no companies providing legal travel to Americans in a custom, private manner. So, David launched Cultural Cuba to serve this niche.  

Cuba is a place to explore and engage. A place to be enveloped by the music, food, art, history, and people!” 

Cultural Cuba’s team of top-notch expert bilingual guides navigate each curated itinerary to match the specific interests and travel pacing of its travelers.

For his work, David has been named one of the “Top 100 Travel Gurus” by Town & Country magazine. He has consecutively been on the prestigious Wendy Perrin WOW List as the Trusted Travel Expert for Cuba.

Cultural Cuba has offices in Orlando and Havana with a full-time on-the-ground team in both locations.


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